Monday, June 22, 2009

Afraid of Water

I'm surprised that my neighbor's dogs are afraid of water, or I should say, water being sprayed at them from a hose. Whatever. It's effective and that's all I care about.

I was thinking about getting a coonhound and letting him howl outside their window all day. Apparently they are loud. But then everybody else would hate me, and probably not the people I am trying to annoy. And also, I would be stuck with a coonhound.

"Greyhounds were bred to run, and you can see it in their build. A retriever pup will bring you things all day long. A Coonhound is bred to bark (or bawl, chop, bugle, squall, etc.), so that the hunter, at night, can find the tree the 'coon has climbed. LOUD!!!! Think of the noisiest dog you ever lived near, the one you wanted to kill. If you compare that noise to a regular automobile horn, a Coonhound is like the air-horn on an eighteen-wheeler truck. I like the Coonhounds' varied voices; some of my neighbors do, and some don't. (Understatement.) Individual hounds vary widely in the amount they bark, but they are always loud! If you, or your neighbors, want peace and quiet, you don't want a Coonhound. "

I wonder if I could just borrow one for a few days. Either way, I've been researching fast growing evergreen hedges.


Big A said...

Aim for the face - dogs really hate that.

Nathan Gagne said...

Buy the pepperspray that shoots 20 feet.

gagknee said...

oh. boy. thats a great idea nate. i never thought of that.

Nathan Gagne said...

I had a friend spray a psychotic rottweiler with pepper spray. It didn't affect it so he shot it with a shotgun. It was his job.

gagknee said...

ah, so it was completely legal. nice.