Monday, June 08, 2009

Half Over

In honor of turning 35, officially reaching the peak and hitting the down slope, I am going to keep track of any new aches and pains that I get.

No, I am not depressed or melancholy about getting older.

The first new pain that I am going to report is my right elbow. It seems years of hucking baseballs and softballs from the outfield as hard as I could in the not so warm weather of New England in April has caught up to me. Throwing a ball hurts now even after I've warmed up. Throwing anything "funny" is out of the question, and I've had to alter my mechanics to put less strain on my elbow. Pitching professionally again will be impossible without Tommy John surgery.


Pete said...

happy birthday man

gagknee said...

thanks man

Trish said...

Thanks for letting me know that I am on the down slope...hadnt thought of it that way! I turned 36 this April and I did feel like it was the hardest B-day yet!It probably only gets worse.

gagknee said...

sorry, trish. didn't mean to bring you down.