Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kitchen Table "Welding"

Ice maker broke I think sometime around Christmas. I won't say the MIL did it, or that I think the MIL did it because I can't prove it, buuut she has a way of mashing things with her man hands. Aaand she was visiting at or around the time I first noticed my ice box was empty. There's a bar on the outside of the ice maker which can be used to manually turn off the ice maker, or theoretically, it will turn the ice maker off when the ice box is too full. I figured this bar was bent and stuck in the off position.

Anyway, I wasn't too concerned with it in December, since that isn't really the peak of ice demand, but now that its June, I decided the time was right, and pulled the unit out of the freezer.

After taking the cover off, it was pretty apparent that the bar had been man-handled. You can kinda see in this picture where the pedestal (?) that a lever that is moved by the bar is screwed into is broken.

Another shot. Sorry for boring you. I'm not forcing you to read this.

Really wasn't sure how to fix it. I thought of super glue or liquid nails, but I wasn't sure how they would hold up under freezing temperatures and they are too messy for small jobs. Ah ha! JB Weld to the rescue.

I wrapped it around the broken pedestal. Problem solved. Its been two weeks and going strong.

One little mistake I made though when putting the unit back together was I hooked up the wire to the water shut off switch wrong, so the water wouldn't shut off. Don't make that mistake, if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation, which you probably won't.

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