Friday, June 26, 2009

Newest Obsession

Getting a Jeep Cherokee and taking the doors off like this:

Actually this isn't my newest obsession, I was originally obsessed with this idea for about a week last month, until some killjoy dampened my spirits, rained on my parade if you will. So why did I become obsessed with it again? Good question. My 4 year old son. He is obsessed with getting a truck without doors and no matter how much I try to convince him that Blazers and Broncos (A Jeep CJ or Wrangler is out of the question since its pretty hard (impossible) to fit 5 people in one) are cool too because the roofs can come off, his mind is made up. No doors or it sucks (well, he doesn't exactly say suck).

Now, you are probably thinking that I am a pansy and my kids are spoiled and I shouldn't allow a child to make decisions for me, but you would be wrong. Not too mention kind of a dick too. No. Get this. I started thinking about it and one of my childhood dreams was to be a UPS driver. Why? BECAUSE THEY GET TO DRIVE WITH THEIR DOORS OPEN. And to a lesser degree, wear brown shorts. I should be thanking that 4 year old boy who shares the same dream with me.

My wife doesn't get it. I tried to explain that its every boys dream to drive with the doors open. Of course, my 12 year old son had to chime in with, "It wasn't my dream." I dismissed that as him having too many genes from the other side of the family and didn't feel it contributed to the discussion.

Back in the glorious 80s, we had a family friend who drove a Ford Econoline van with no back seats and windows, something the old folks would call a work truck. I can't remember how many times I rode in that thing perched on a wheel well or if I was lucky, on the spare tire. One time it was really hot out so he left the sliding door open, but for safety's sake an accordion-style wooden playpen (sorry, I couldn't find a picture) was bungie corded in front of the door. Awesome. You could never get away with something like that nowadays.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I could get tube doors for it too, if I really wanted.

Update: Theres a two door model for sale down the street from me.


Big A said...

stupid killjoy. You should probably stop talking to that guy.

I like the 2-door version with the doors off because it looks like a jeep.

I think the 4-door versions with the front doors removed look stupid. That just looks like some redneck got broadsided, spent the insurance money on Nascar tickets, and never bothered to replace the doors.

gagknee said...

i like the two door version much better as well.

if i had a 4 door i wouldn't take the back doors off, but then the kids would bug me about it incessantly.

Pete said...

i have always wanted to be a UPS truck driver, for the exact same reason, sans brown shorts. When i tell people about my dreams, they look at me funny as if it isn't a big deal that some people get to drive 60mph with the door open.

lets be friends.

soccerkcs said...

There's nothing like a traditional Jeep (CJ or Wrangler). I love having the doors and top off. It is a great feeeling!

gagknee said...

can i adopt you pete?

yeah...i know. some day.

Kaitlin said...

haha, i can see tom saying that

gagknee said...

hehe. sometimes i call him debbie downer.

Rob said...

I am usually supportive of your obsessions... but I am worried about the safety of this one.

gagknee said...

i'll get 5 point harnesses

Rob said...

5 point harnesses would be cool.