Monday, June 15, 2009

Better than a Knife

I'm going to a gun show in a few weeks. I can't decide what I want to get. A 22 caliber seems appealing. With the cost of ammo for this gun I could shoot all day with just the change from the cushions of my couch, but I realize it's kind of a girlie gun, and maybe not something a man should be toting to the target range. Or maybe its not. I dunno.

Here's a Smith & Wesson 22 caliber that I like.

What is a more likely for me to get is a 40 caliber or 9mm like this Smith and Wesson.

I know people who have this gun, and I abhor copycats, so maybe I will go with a Glock 9mm.

Lastly, EVERY man needs a good shotgun. I could wimp out and get a 20 gauge, but I won't. Its 12 gauge or nothing. The only question in my mind is, semi-auto or pump action? I'm hoping somebody can enlighten me on the pros and cons of each. I've never personally used a pump action.


Big A said...

the .22 is the weapon of choice for most mobsters. Would you accuse the Godfather of being "Girlie"? Although you've got a point - it doesn't have the stopping power of some of the other guns. 9mms are notoriously inaccurate. You can never go wrong with the colt .45

Modern version:

or if you want to be REALLY manly, get yourself the orignal revolver:

Pump Action all the way. Semi-auto shotguns are illegal for most hunting and competition shooting, so what's the point? Plus, half the fun is pumping the next round in anyway. There's just something satisfying about the noise the pumping action makes.

gagknee said...

i could get the 22 for practice until i get good enough to warrant a more expensive gun.

i like the colt 45, the modern and original versions. can't argue with the classic good looks of the original.

yeah. there is nothing quite like the sound of the pump action. i had no idea semi autos were illegal.

gagknee said...

holy crap. colts are expensive.

Big A said...

To clarify: semi-auto shotguns are not illegal to own. They are just not permitted to hunt with (in many states), and generally against the rules in many shooting competitions.

gagknee said...


Anonymous said...

how 'bout gettin' a gun safe, first.


gagknee said...

youre right. i wouldn't want anybody to steal them.