Saturday, July 18, 2009

Am I Late to the Party?

I was sitting here thinking about cars and trucks and motorcycles wishing there was an easy way to search Craigslist in other cities, when a thought struck me right between the eyes. Google it, dummy!

So, anyway, I found this: which seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Well, not exactly. See, it will search craigslist within a 200 mile radius of a given zip code. If I put in mine, 23236, that returns some results from Pennsylvania. No offense to the good citizens of the Keystone state, except for Philadelphians (I have no problem offending you), but I really, really don't want to buy a car anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line.

One word: rust.

And in the case of Regals, that is a definite concern. The rear frame rots out on those things worse than a meth addict's teeth.

If I could be more specific with my radius, like, 10 miles north and 190 miles south, that would be better. I guess I could look on a map and use a Raleigh or Charlotte zip code.

I wish it wasn't a radius either, but a square.

Update: Ok. So, I've had 20 minutes or so (the usual amount of time it takes me to reach any conclusion) and it is just as easy to search in addition to Especially since most of the things I search for frequently I just add the RSS feed to Google Reader anyway. And I really wouldn't want to buy a vehicle any farther away than that.

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