Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Epic Procrastination

I've had my truck for 5 years. Four years ago I installed a new CD player and 3 speakers. Sunday I finally got around to installing the 4th speaker. It was nice to crack out the old soldering iron which is about the closest I get to actually welding. Well, that's not true, I can solder pipes, but thats no fun because it usually involves tight, dark or damp spaces. Or all of the above.

The past three days I've thought of three things where it would be nice if I could weld. The first, fixing the previously mentioned rust hole in my truck. Second, I could buy a Cherokee I found that was damaged in an accident, chop the roof off, and build a roll cage for it. And third, I've got an idea for making some sort of hoist in my shed for storing the little four wheeler off of the floor. More on that one later.

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