Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Also over the weekend, I removed the fender flare from the driver's side front fender to survey the extent of the rust. I knew it was going to be bad, not quite this bad though. Of course, with the flare on the visible rust spot is small with a hole barely big enough to stick my finger in. The truck had been hit here in a previous life damaging the factory paint which eventually led to the rust.

I was planning on replacing the fender anyway, so the real point of this exercise was to determine how hard it would be to remove and what tools I would need to bring to the junk yard. Well, it proved hard. See, I've never removed a fender before and I assumed that it was just a skin over some other more substantial structure, but at least in the case of a 99 Dakota, the fender is the structure. One big piece. If I remove the fender I am removing the whole left front side of the truck. Fun, fun, fun.

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