Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pleasant Dreams

Thing 1 is taking a nap right now. She's a little early. Usually, her nap time is around 3:30.

I was thinking I might document a day in the life of Thing 1 tomorrow. It alternates between sleeping, staring off into space, pacing and talking on her phone. I'm not sure if she does any actual work, but like Congress, its probably better if she does nothing anyway.


L-DUB said...

OMG. That is funny. Every office has one of "those".

Trish said...

is thing 1 very pregnant??
If so it may be an excuse....for a while anyway!

gagknee said...

she is, and i would be inclined to be sympathetic, but she's been milking it way too much and for far too long.

plus, she had nappy times before she became with child.