Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mes Mains Noires

Wife's van didn't pass inspection. It needed new wheel bearings or for a late model front wheel drive what is now called a wheel hub assembly. Which is, of course, more expensive than just plain old wheel bearings. About 100 bucks each.

Everything went smoothly. I had it done in 3 hours which could easily have been shortened to two if I felt like working with even an ounce of urgency. Why would I though? It was nice out, quiet and the bugs were surprisingly non-existent.

I don't know if its modern engineering or the fact that this 9 year old van has hardly ever seen salt covered roads, but I have not had any issues with stuck bolts, something which was always a problem on my older cars. Some of them have been a real bear to get off, but its because of what seems to be thread locker not corrosion, and not a single one has had the head get rounded off.


Rob said...

I think the road rot from salt in New England has gotten even worse. I saw several late models vehicles that had an ridiculous amount of rust on them when I visited in July.

gagknee said...

probably because the last few winters have been particularly brutal.