Monday, July 27, 2009

Pictures of Fish

Daughter's first fish of the day. Caught within seconds of her first cast into the water. I also wanted to mention that she put her own worms on the hook, voluntarily, but in true girl fashion she gave the worms names. My great grandfather once told me "If you find a girl who can put worms on a hook, marry her. She's a keeper." That's great advice, but I would like to expand on that with my own little bit of homespun wisdom for any aspiring husbands in the distant future, "Buzz off. I hate you."

The boy's record bluegill. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was big enough that his little fishing pole couldn't reel it in all the way and I had to pull it in by hand. The fish was fat enough that I had a hard time getting my oversized female hands around its belly when removing the hook.


Kaitlin said...

which great grandfather? I never heard that saying before. I was always great at worming my hooks.

gagknee said...

um. i don't remember. one of them.

thats great. did you put the worms on mike's hooks too?