Saturday, February 18, 2006

Awww, How Cute

And I pledge to promise to do my best To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people, and To obey the Law of the Pack.

I am glad they are getting along now. Seeing as howing The Big Redneck doesn't have any choice now. What a dick.

A lot of you might not remember. but last season ARod and Sheffield started off the same way (cue flashback music)...

In Spring Training they realized they had a lot in common and their relationship blossomed:

By April their relationship had grown to the point where they were afraid they might attract the attention of Steinbrenner and the New York Media, so they were trying keep it quiet:

May, however, saw them throw caution to the wind and proclaim their love on the field as you can see here. ARod, ever the bitch, tries to resist, but its futile. Their love is consummated:

Unfortunately, after this incident, Jeter found out and was obviously angry about being cheated on. (I always new he would fight like a girl):

June, unfortunately, brought a fight between ARod and Sheffield like none other. Which reportedly started because ARod was tired of being the submissive one. Actually he was tired of being the dominant one. No, the submissive one. Or was it the dominant one. Oh well, only ARod knows for sure:

After which Sheffield realized that Jeter was the one for him and he and Jeter made up the next day (actually they made up three times):

However, Derek lived to regret the rekindling of the flame when he was hit with the infamous "what are you thinking about?" question a few weeks later:

And being intimidated by ARod for "messing with his man":

All worked out for the best though because by the end of the season during the last series with Boston they all put aside their differences and decided to make the best of it. Here they are after who knows what went on behind the Green Monster:

Awww, I love a happy ending.

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