Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Love David Dunbar Buick

When people ask me what I would buy if I won the lottery I tell them a 1987 Buick Grand National. Well, I used to tell them that, but I got tired of explaining why. Now I just say a brand new Corvette Z06, but in my mind I am thinking GRAND NATIONAL.

Why? BUG OFF! I am tired of explaining.

Its all silly to think about anyway since I dont play the lottery and I am neither smart or dedicated enough to make enough money where I can justify spending 20 grand on a car that I will only drive 1000 miles a year.

Do I wish that Buick would make a new Grand National, what with the resurgence of the rear wheel drive muscle car and the whole retro movement? NO. I do not. Buick and/or General Motors would just screw it up. Just like they screw up everything (except the Corvette).

I will probably end up with something like this 1987 Regal, which is interesting because it is the same color as my first Regal which was a 1979. Or something like this. Either way I'll be happy.


aakerberg said...

If I ever win the Powerball, I will buy you a buick Grand National. You're on your own vor the 'vette, though.

gagknee said...

Thanks. You're a real pal.