Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Victim at Work

So, I took my friend's, Bealsebub and Big A, advice, and purchased two packs of car air fresheners to use in my next office prank. Each pack contains 3, so I had 6 total. Three strawberry and 3 cinna-berry. The cinna-berry are by far the worst smelling.

As soon as I opened one package everybody who was still at work on Friday immediately noticed. They are pungent.

I attached one underneath her keyboard tray, one each under her two drawers, one dangling in the back of her computer by the computers exhaust fan, and one underneath her chair. Thats only 5, you say? Well, I stuck the last one in her top drawer under some CDs. You know, where it could found easily, just to throw her off the trail.

My only fear is that the entire ROOM will smell so bad on Monday morning that I might get in trouble. I may go in tomorrow afternoon to check out the scene and maybe remove some of the air fresheners.

Moderation, Andy, everything in moderation.


Rob said...

Those things are so strong. That's hilarious.

gagknee said...

Yeah, I was a little shocked at how powerful they are.

I'm a little nervous.

I was thinking that I might go into work today and enclose her cube with saran wrap to try and contain the smell. I doubt that would work though.

Oh well. I made my bed and now I'll lie in it.

Rob said...

What happened?

gagknee said...

I'll post a new post. Very anticlimactic.