Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rock Your Body

So a friend of my son was riding in my truck today and he had his little Walkman thing with him and he was listening to Back Street Boys. And singing along to it. I wanted to beat him up.

If I had raised my son right, he would have done it for me without me even having to ask. Just a quick one-two, to the nose and gut. "Nice job, Son". "Thanks, Dad".

When he sang the word "sexual" I did tell him to turn it off or stop singing to it, but it took a lot of self control not to go thwack!. Chuck Norris wishes he had my self control.


Rob said...

You have a gift for controlling the rage. But, I have seen it a couple times. I vividly remember a time when the muffler fell off the Tempo. Oh, and also once when your income tax return got messed up. Your rage made me laugh, but it also made me a little afraid.

mike gagne said...

i remember a time when i was atleast 6 or 7 when you kicked a hole in the living room wall.

although i never saw it, I just heard about it.

gagknee said...

Afraid? of me? come one now. Surely you jest.

I kicked it cuz Mom told me to shut up. And in my defense it was a very flimsy wall. 1/2 inch 50 year old sheetrock.